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We the faculty of St. Gerald School, in response to the Good News, will aid our students spiritually, intellectually, psychologically, and socially.  We will strive to preach the Good News in a community based on Gospel values.                       

Spiritual Goals 

We will provide religious experiences that pursue the continual study of Catholic Theology and help our students live out the message of Jesus Christ.  Regular participation in Eucharist, various forms of prayer, and reception of the Sacraments will be emphasized.  Each student shall be taught how to apply values based on Catholic doctrine proclaimed in the Gospel 

Intellectual Goals 

We will encourage our students to develop their individual gifts and talents. Our curriculum will emphasize the basic learning tools. We will enhance basic communication skills through listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  We will encourage our students to investigate, analyze and apply theories in daily living, and develop critical and creative thinking. 

Psychological Goals 

We believe in guiding our students in a nurturing atmosphere where love and trust are evident.   We will help them in the development of their feelings of self-worth, self-awareness and self-confidence.   

Social Goals 

We are charged with the responsibility of developing our students as social beings with social skills and virtues to live in harmony in a diverse society of all races, cultures, and nations.  We strive to instill a sense of responsibility in our students that will affect changes to help bring about a more just world.  We must foster respect for self and others while working towards building the family of God on Earth